BlackBoxStocks, Inc.


BlackBoxStocks, Inc. develops web and mobile based analytical software tools for stock and options traders of all levels. Our servers, located in close proximity to the NYSE, NASDAQ, and OTC exchanges, drive our proprietary algorithms at near light speed. Our platform employs predictive technology enhanced by artificial intelligence to find volatility and unusual market activity that can result in the rapid change in a stock's price. The complexity of our backend analytics is neatly hidden from the end user by our simple and easy to use dashboard that includes real-time alerts, scans, news and institutional grade analytics. We also provide our users with a fully interactive chat and social media platform that is integrated into our dashboard. This allows our users to exchange information and ideas quickly and efficiently through a common network. We recently introduced a live audio/video feature that allows our members to broadcast on their own channels to share trade strategies and market insight within the Blackbox community. We are a unique and disruptive financial technology platform. We combine proprietary analytics and broadcast enabled social media in the ultimate user-friendly platform connecting traders of all types worldwide.

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