Through our research enrollment programs, Harbinger Research provides smaller public companies and their investors with high quality research coverage. Such research coverage has historically been unavailable to smaller companies, which have typically had to accept lower quality coverage or no coverage at all.

Research Coverage

After a company is enrolled in one of our coverage programs, our analysts perform fundamental research on its business, its competitors, its executives and their plans for the future, and on its markets in general. After conducting this research, our analysts create revenue and earnings projections and apply various valuation methodologies to arrive at a rough estimate of the company’s per-share value. We then communicate our “fair value” estimate and a probable investment rating to the enrolling party, and at this point they can either choose to remain enrolled in research coverage, opt-out by requesting a 50% refund, or opt-out by choosing InfoReport coverage instead of traditional research coverage. Assuming that the company remains enrolled in research coverage, we then assign a rating to the enrolled company’s shares, and articulate our findings in the form of a Coverage Initiation research report. We continue to provide research coverage for the duration of the enrollment period; our analysts issue updated estimates and/or rating revisions as necessary.


In addition to or in lieu of traditional research coverage, we provide companies and their investors with a valuable service in the form of our InfoReports. Our full InfoReports are developed through the same in-depth research process that our analysts use to prepare our research reports, but do not reflect the opinions or views of our analysts in any way. We also offer a “lite” version of our InfoReport, called a Bird’s Eye Report, which provides a clear summary of a company’s business operations and its managements’ plan for the future. Our InfoReports are exceptionally useful to small-cap and micro-cap money managers, investor relations professionals, and individual investors, because they aggregate all information pertaining to a potential investment in one convenient location.

Content Distribution

Having great research coverage is not enough – it must also be widely available and easily accessible to interested parties. Therefore, we are committed to creating and maintaining the broadest research and estimates distribution network in existence. Currently, our research reports, financial estimates, and InfoReports are available on ThomsonONE Analytics (formerly known as First Call), Reuters (through and MultexNet), Zack’s Investment Research, Yahoo! Finance, America Online, and the Wall Street Journal Online. Furthermore, we “push” summaries of our content to almost two million subscribers of online financial newsletters, through our partnerships with InvestorsInsight Publishing and Friedland Capital. Moreover, all Harbinger Research content is available for download at no charge at, and is automatically disseminated via email to those who subscribe to our opt-in email service. As we continue to grow, we expect to offer our clients an ever-widening group of content distribution partners and channels.