Birdseye Report

Our InfoReports serve a different need in the market than that served by traditional research. Although they embody the same quality of presentation and articulation, and the same depth of research and information, they do not express any opinion whatsoever.

The purpose of our InfoReports is to serve as a platform for information aggregation, so that interested parties can quickly learn about your company. Our full InfoReports include:

  • A description of your company, its business, and its industry
  • Management's view on the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and competitive threats
  • Management's plans for the future, in terms of sales, product development, financing, partnering, and other relevant topics
  • Information pertaining to the qualifications and background of key corporate leaders
  • An analysis of the company’s current financial condition and plan
  • A description and brief analysis of the company’s key partners
  • A description and brief analysis of the company’s competitors

Basically, our InfoReports contain all of the inputs and information that would go into our analysis if we were initiating research coverage on the company, but lack the analysis itself.

InfoReports are extremely valuable to individual and institutional investors alike, who are much more likely to consider investing in a company that does not require them to put in hours and hours of research to gather the information necessary to make an informed decision.

Bird’s Eye Report™

Our Bird’s Eye report is a relatively light weight InfoReport, typically 2 – 4 pages in length, which provides investors and interested parties with a concise, informationally dense overview of a company, its business, and its leader's plans for the future. We offer our initial Bird’s Eye report at an introductory price of US$5,000, which ensures that investors and interested parties always have access to the most currently available information.