Privacy Policy

Harbinger Research considers the privacy of its registrants to be of the utmost importance. We will never sell our registration database to other companies, nor allow it to be used for non-sanctioned purposes. Harbinger Research is a highly principled organization that is decided to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. For more information about us, please refer to our corporate values and beliefs.

We gather information pertaining to our users for the purposes of communicating with them. In the future, we plan to email our users free, opt-in/opt-out, high-quality research content. In some cases, we will pre-filter this content for each specific user, based on the company size, sector, and industry preferences stored in that users' registration profile.

Harbinger Research will sometimes make its users' email addresses and other registration information, such as name, phone, and address, available to our content-distribution partners, investor relations partners, and public company clients, ONLY under the following circumstances:

  • When a user is directed to our site by clicking a link on one of our partners' sites or e-newsletters, we make that users' registration available to that partner ONLY.
  • When a user views company-specific content on our site, in some cases we will make that user's registration information available to that specific public company, in those cases where that company has retained the services of Harbinger Research. In these cases, and with the public companies' consent, we may also from time to time make this users' registration information available to the public companies' outside investor relations firm.